Selling Your Home: Getting Rid of Those Stubborn Odors

When selling your home it’s important to have a clean smelling house. Buyers are extremely sensitive to different odors when entering a home. Stubborn smells such as smoke, pets, cooking spices, and stale uncirculated air can kill a home sell instantly.

I often meet with home sellers and find bowls of potpourri or plug in air fresheners all around the house as they try to disguise a questionable odor. This is one of the worst things you can do when selling your home. When a buyer sees these bowls of potpourri and air fresheners they often wonder what the seller is hiding.  This is not what you want prospective buyers to be thinking as they view your home!  Also, so many people have allergies to these perfumed odors and they can create fits of sneezing. Definitely what you don’t want prospective buyers to experience in your home!

So how do you deal with these offensive odors?

Selling-your-home-getting-rid-of-stubborn-odorsHands down the greatest product I have found on the market to handle these situations is Odoban. It can be found at Ace HardwareWal-Mart and even What I love so much about Odoban is that it actually eats the bacterium that creates the smell, not just mask it. It comes in a gallon jug (highly concentrated) and also a 4 oz, 24oz and 32.5 oz spray bottle.

Odoban is safe on washable surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpet, bedding, walls and floors.  I’ve even sprayed it in the air to get rid of that musky smell in vacant homes. It comes in eucalyptus, cucumber melon, lavender, and citrus scents, but the scent dissipates rather quickly.

If you are selling your home, this is one great product that is definitely a must have!