Neutral Doesn’t Mean Boring Builder Beige

When selling your home it is best to neutralize the paint colors so it will appeal to as many buyers as possible. You may love purple passion walls, but most buyers looking at your house won’t. So it’s best to remove any potential objections buyers may have and say goodbye to that sweet pink, boyfriend blue, or fire engine red and say hello to neutral tones.

I know the idea of neutral just makes your stomach turn. Well, breathe a sigh of relief, neutral does not necessarily mean boring builder beige.  There is a great selection of neutral tones that work well when selling a home and also have a bit more personality than beige.

Blue – Soft blue tones work fantastic in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms when paired with chocolate tones. Light blue walls look great with dark hardwood floors, slate tiled floors, dark brown furniture, or chocolate accessories such as pillows or throws.

Green – A soft green room can make the space feel cool and relaxing. It looks great with both light and dark colored flooring and has a very organic feel. If you like nature, bring it indoors by adding tones of brown, white, and different shades of green in your furniture and accessories.

Yellow – Yellow is a great color, but use with caution! It must be a very soft buttery yellow to fall into the neutral category. It is ideal in a very small room or one that doesn’t get much natural light. Yellow replicates sunshine and too much of a good thing is not so good (think about that really bad sunburn you got when you went to the beach and forgot your sunscreen). Yellow that is too bright will quickly turn off buyers.

Gray – Soft gray is a dynamite neutral. It works well with any color décor and paired with black and white can be very dramatic.

By neutralizing the walls you create a great background that supports any taste or style buyers may have.  Remember buyers just want to move in. They don’t want any projects to make the house livable for their tastes. Time and money is almost always an important factor for most buyers and they certainly don’t want to have to invest either of them to make it feel like home.  If so they will simply move on to the next house.


About the Author:

Anthea Click is the President of Fresh Perspectives Property Merchandising Services specializing in staging vacant homes, model homes and owner occupied redesign services in the Greater Nashville area including:  East Nashville, Green Hills, West Nashville, The Gulch, 12South, 8thAve South, Germantown, Midtown, Sylvan Park, Crieve Hall, South Nashville, Hillsboro Village, Downtown Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill. She is also a Featured Designer for Kirkland’s, sampling new products and making guest appearances on local radio and television shows. For information on staging your home call 615-465-8086 or click on the Contact Us tab.