Home Staging Consultations are ideal for the do it yourself  homeowner.  Those who have the time and resources to stage their home can do the work  themselves, save money, and benefit from the value of staging.  We offer several types of consultations to suit your needs.


Color Consultation

Color plays a very important role in the sale of a property. Incorrect colors can be sending buyers the wrong message and actually cost you a sale. We will select the best colors to appeal to the target buyer based upon size, functionality, availablity of natural light, direction room/property is facing and harmony of the space.

Price is $150 for a 2 hour consultation.

Walk-Thru Consultation

A member of our team will walk through the property with the homeowner and provide a verbal consultation on how to improve the marketability.  We provide color suggestions, suggest optimal furniture layout, and discuss what items need to be removed and packed away to maximize buyer appeal. Homeowners are encouraged to take notes and ask questions. 

Prices range from $150 – $300 for a 2 hour consultation.


Complete Consultation

A complete consultation includes up to 2 hours walking thru the property with the homeowner providing suggestions(same as walk-thru consultation) to improve marketability.  We will then email you a comprehensive report detailing recommendations discussed during the consultation. After recommendations are complete we return to the property (up to 1 hour) fine-tuning it before your agent lists it for sale and phootgraphs are taken.

Prices range from $300 – $450



We can help you pull the property together with selection assistance. Including flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, tile, cabinets, paint, brick, stone, vinyl, etc.  We can also provide resources to get the job done if needed.  This is ideal for investors or homeowners remodeling their property.

Price varies – Ask for quote.

Livability Consultation

Our exclusive Livability Consultation is ideal for investors and homeowners rehabbing or remodeling a property with the intent to sell.  We target who the buyer is and how they want to live in the home.  We provide budget-friendly suggestions to help you renovate/re-design the space to attract your buyer and create a quick sale. 

Price is $350 for a 2 hour consultation.



Consultations rarely take more than 2 hours.  If you prefer to have our team complete any potion of the work for you, we can provide a quote.  To schedule a consultation contact us at 615-465-8086 or email us at

 Before-Home-Staging            After-Home-Staging