Meet The Team

The Clicks Fresh Perspectives is a family owned business founded in 2007. With backgrounds in both real estate and home building, we bring valuable experience to the home staging process.  We serve the entire Greater Nashville area, including: East Nashville, Belle Meade, Green Hills, West Nashville, The Gulch, 12South, 8th Ave South, Germantown, Midtown, Sylvan Park, Crieve Hall, South Nashville, Hillsboro Village, Downtown Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill.

 The Home Staging Experts

Anthea Click: President and Lead Designer Although she is originally from California, Anthea Click has always considered herself a southern girl at heart. When she moved to Nashville in 1998, she felt instantly at home. Anthea has always been fascinated by homes, which is why she stepped into the real estate industry over 12 years ago, beginning as an agent and then becoming a licensed broker, before starting a successful home staging and property merchandising company. Anthea was certainly ahead of the curve when she and her husband, Cory, founded Fresh Perspectives; with their unique approach to home staging and their understanding of what it takes to properly present a home for sale, the company has grown steadily and continues to thrive, regardless of the market conditions. However, if you ask Anthea, she will tell you that the success of their business is due largely to the fact that she and Cory love working together, especially because they are able to include their daughter, Riley, in the family business. Anthea thoroughly enjoys solving problems and has always found it gratifying to assist others in closing a chapter of their lives by helping them sell their homes. Anthea also loves to train and mentor others who have a passion for real estate, which is why she became an instructor for Staging and ReDesign.  She believes strongly in the benefit staging brings to the real estate transaction and is committed to raising the level of professionalism and skill set in the growing home staging industry. Anthea’s expertise has become renowned throughout the state; she is sought after as a speaker for the real estate community, as the industry learns how staging increases the bottom line in real estate transactions time and time again. Aside from being a resource for real estate agents and home owners, Anthea has been a featured designer for Kirkland’s, where she sampled new home decor products, appeared at store grand openings, and provided design advice to readers on the Kirkland’s community website. She was also featured as a guest designer on the popular show, Designing Spaces, and her expert advice has been featured in Realtor Magazine, as well as many other notable Nashville publications.   Cory Click: Vice President of Operations Cory Click has always been passionate about building homes, which is the reason he’s been in the industry for over 12 years. After spending a couple years in sales with a national building supplier, Cory spent eight years building homes ranging from $150,000 to $3,000,000, before founding Fresh Perspectives with his wife, Anthea. His knowledge of homes and the different areas of Nashville, along with his passion and expertise, compliment Anthea’s own skills and expertise, making the two of them the perfect team. Aside from getting to do what he enjoys, Cory will tell you that he loves his job because he gets to work so closely with Anthea; she is, after all, his best friend. If you ask Anthea, she will tell you, “Not only is Cory always fun to work with, he’s the wheel that makes Fresh Perspectives ‘go.’ He handles all of the logistics, manages and helps design each project, and he knows all of the plans and schedules.” Cory grew up in Nashville, the second oldest of five boys in his family. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t have an enemy in the world; he’s fun, smart, and incredibly likable – which is why he and Anthea love working together, along with their daughter, Riley.   Riley Click: Home Stager in Training 

At the young age of nine, Riley Click is a very talented Home Stager in Training. Working with her parents is teaching her many valuable lessons: she is learning how to run a business, how to communicate effectively, the importance of keeping your word, and doing whatever it takes to get the job finished.Outside of working with her parents, Riley loves going to school, reading, riding her bike and listening to her favorite band, One Direction. She is also very talented at bowling, and usually beats her mom fair and square.