Selling Your Home: 7 Steps to a Clean & Classy Closet

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You’ve de-cluttered, rearranged furniture, lightened and brightened, deep cleaned the house, and now you are ready to officially put your house on the market. Hold on one minute – you’re not as ready as you may think. One of the telling signs of a great, sellable house is actually what you don’t see. Many home sellers fail to do one of the most important aspects in prepping the home for sale – organize the closets!

Homebuyers love to look in closets. They are looking for storage, but what they find tells them everything they need to know about a home and its current owners. A messy, unorganized closet not only screams that there is a lack of storage, but also says the house has been poorly maintained – whether it is true or not! Now they wonder if you cleaned up just for them and shoved everything in the closet hoping it wouldn’t be seen. They begin to question how well the house has really been maintained. What’s behind those walls and what else is wrong that they don’t see? Not a good seed to plant in the minds of your potential buyers.

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So how do you organize your closets so that they leave a lasting positive impression with every buyer that sneaks a peek? Here are my top 7 tips to getting those unruly closets under control:

1. Hit a hot button:
Showing off floor space will make your closet appear larger. Remove items on the floor and mop or vacuum. An open floor shows storage potential and that’s a hot button for buyers! Show them storage and you have peaked their interest.

2. Keep 3:
Get rid of those big bulky jackets and sweaters when they are out of season. A great rule of thumb is to keep only the clothes you will wear within the next 3 months. All other clothes should be packed away and stored in an off-site storage unit.

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3. Color Block:
By color blocking your clothes the closet will appear well organized and larger. Start with whites in the front and finish with blacks in the back if your closet bar runs front to back. If your closet bars run left to right, whites should be on the left and blacks on the right.

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4. All Alike:
Get rid of those dry cleaner hangers and purchase plastic or wooden hangers. Whatever you choose is fine; just make sure they are all the same.

5. Even Intervals:
Make sure you hang your clothes with even intervals between each hanger. Ok, I realize this is a little OCD, but before you say “hold on here, really?” Yes, Really! I know this is work – and this is one of the prices you pay in or order to get top dollar for your home. Keeping your hangers in a neat, orderly fashion will pay off more for you than you can imagine.

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6. Think Boutique:
Neatly fold all clothes the same way and color block from lightest to darkest top to bottom. Be particular. Think about a retail display at Macy’s and fold your clothes as if they are for sale.

7. De-Accessorize:
Accessories in the closet such as jewelry, hats, scarves, ties, and belts can really clutter the tiny space. Scale down on the amount of accessories displayed and remove all jewelry completely out of sight. Place items used frequently into baskets and place on a top shelf for out of sight, easy access.

An organized closet is impressive; a meticulous closet is memorable.

A detailed closet creates positive memorable moments for the buyer every time the door opens. They can’t help but think great things about the house when they find one with meticulous closets. It stands out among other homes. It’s memorable. It’s sold.

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