5 Inexpensive Ways to Earn Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

The idea of selling your home can be overwhelming, especially when you wonder where in the world to begin.  We often see the flaws in our homes, because we live in them every day and have strong opinions about what’s wrong – often more than what’s right!

Where to begin? We recommend that you start by looking at five inexpensive fixes. These are all areas that can bring you big bucks in your home sell, yet require minimal investment.

1. Add Hardware to Cabinets:

 Let’s start in the kitchen. Are your cabinets just sitting there undressed? Today, many home builders will install beautiful cabinets during construction of homes, but the hardware isn’t included. You’ll notice the same thing if you go into a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot and look over their selection – all of the cabinets come plain. Many homeowners want to add hardware, but are afraid of the installation and the cost. Here’s a secret: they are easy to install and you will be shocked at the values you can find when you really begin to research.

Photo Credit: Needham Kitchen (venegasandcompany.com)

A trip to your local building supply store will reveal that the hardware options are plentiful. A few minutes online and you’ll find a multitude of choices. But, let’s face it, sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. If you are unsure of the style that you should choose, consult your home stager. They can guide you to a choice that is in perfect coordination with your existing cabinets and your budget.

2. Update Lighting:

Is your home still boasting the same stock builder lighting that was installed when your home was built? Do you have the yucky dome lights in your hallways? Are your bathrooms still using the once popular “Hollywood bulbs”?

Lighting is a great upgrade that can instantly change your house from saying “built in the 80’s” to screaming “cared for and modern”. 

A consultation from your stager can help you decide which fixtures should be replaced. If the size and shape of your light is still on target, you could possibly just refinish or even spray paint the piece to a more contemporary finish. Buying a fixture that is too small or too grand for your space can be detrimental, so ask for guidance along the way. (There are also “rules of thumb” regarding how low fixtures should hang in regard to dining tables!) As you are scoping out which lights to replace, check to also be sure that ALL bulbs are burning!

3.  Update appliances:

We’ve all heard that that “Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Homes”. That might be true, so it’s important to really pay attention to all potential diamonds and downfalls in those spaces. Unmatched and/or older appliances will flash instant dollar signs to potential buyers.

Photo Credit: Fresh Perspectives

As the seller, you might be under the impression that new appliances mean MAJOR cash investment, but there are lots of great options available. Some major retail chains that sell appliances have a scratch and dent section, or if you live in a metropolitan area – they might even have a scratch and dent store! The fabulous part of using this option is that often the scratches are small (wouldn’t cost you a sell) or the scratches are in very obscure locations. (Sometimes the scratches or dents are on the back!)

You can also use Craigslist to search for appliances. This is especially helpful if you have mismatched appliances and just need to fill in so that they are all the same finish. If you use Craigslist, be sure to price the appliances new so that you have  an idea of what a fair price would be for a used version of a similar model.


4. Paint:

By far, the easiest and most inexpensive way that you can update your home is with paint! The result of a fresh coat of paint throughout a house is many times shocking. Rooms appear brighter, more spacious, and can make furniture and accessories look completely different.

Photo Credit: Fresh Perspectives

We recently told you how you no longer have to just stick with beige. Using different shades of great neutrals will give your rooms separate identities, but still keep the flow that it so important.

If you have a particular brand of paint that you prefer, but they don’t carry the shade that you like for your home – ask if the paint department can match shades from a swatch. Thanks to technology, many companies now offer this for free although few advertise that the service is available.

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5. Refinish wood floors:

Flooring is very important to buyers, so you want to make yours really stand out. If you have wood floors, you can really bring some flash to your space when you have your hardwoods refinished. The gleam and shine that refinishing brings is a life that can’t be restored with just the average cleaning.

Real hardwood floors are still seen as a great upgrade, so consult with your stager when considering rugs to use over the floor. They will be able to direct you when choosing balance, size and placement of the rug, so that you aren’t drawing attention away from a great asset that your home offers.


  About the Author:

Anthea Click is the President of Fresh Perspectives Property Merchandising Services specializing in staging vacant homes, model homes and owner occupied redesign services in the Greater Nashville area including:  East Nashville, Green Hills, West Nashville, The Gulch, 12South, 8thAve South, Germantown, Midtown, Sylvan Park, Crieve Hall,South NashvilleHillsboro Village, Downtown Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill. She is also a Featured Designer for Kirkland’s, sampling new products and making guest appearances on local radio and television shows. For information on staging your home call 615-465-8086 or click on the Contact Us tab.